We need guides for foreign tourists

Japan is welcoming a large and growing number of inbound tourists, but many of them are facing a language barrier. The logical solution would be to use guide interpreters, but to become a licensed one requires passing a difficult national examination. This has left Japan with a shortage of guide interpreters and presents the country with a barrier to increasing the number of inbound tourists.
Fortunately, Japanese law underwent a change in 2018 that allowed people without a license to work as paid guide interpreters.
“gooday” is looking for people who meet the following requirements and who can guide foreign tourists in Japan.

Guide Requirements

・Must live in Japan

・In addition to Japanese, must speak either English, French, Spanish, or German

How to Register

1. Fill in the necessary information on the application form.

2. We will contact you as to whether you are eligible.

3. Complete registration on our website.

Three kinds of “gooday” guides

1. Japan-based foreign national

2. Licensed guide

3. Japanese travel partner

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