★★★★ About 2 hours of hiking in total, includes walking through narrow passage under massive stones





Recommended season

spring / summer / autumn


Walking shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

No. of participants


Guide interpreter fee

Half day 15,000yen for guide interpreter (includes tax) plus personal expenses

  • Note: Personal expenses will vary depending on the number of participants.
  • Note: Use the messaging function to arrange a meeting place.

• Meeting place: Hirakata Station, Keihan Main Line

< Estimate of personal expenses >
• Taxi: 3,000 yen (per taxi)
• Iwafune-jinja admission: 500 yen (per person)
• Train fare: 300 yen (per person)
• Lunch: Soba noodles 1,500–2,500 yen (per person)

Note: It is also possible to meet and start the tour at 13:00.


Travel plan example

The travel plan can be customized according to your needs.

  1. 9:30 Meeting place (take taxi from here)

  2. 10:00 Hoshida Enchi Park

  3. 10:40 Star Swing and lookout point (summer)

  4. 10:40 Star Swing and lookout point (autumn)

  5. 11:15 Arrive at Iwafune-jinja Shrine

  6. Iwafune-jinja Shrine

  7. 11:45 Leave Iwafune-jinja Shrine (by taxi)

  8. 12:00 Kisaichi Station

  9. 12:30 Lunch

  10. 13:30 Hirakata Station, Keihan Main Line (end of itinerary)

Available guide

Nationality Japan
Destination Osaka / Kyoto / Nara / Shiga


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