★★★★ For able-bodied people: approximately 5 km of hiking over low mountains, and about 2 km of walking.





Recommended season

spring / summer / autumn / winter


Hiking or walking shoes, drink (water, fruit juice, etc.), walking stick

No. of participants


Guide interpreter fee

Half day 30,000yen for guide interpreter (includes tax) plus personal expenses

  • Note: Personal expenses will vary depending on the number of participants.
  • Note: Use the messaging function to arrange a meeting place.

• Meeting place: People staying in Kyoto city will be picked up at their hotel.
People staying at lodgings outside Kyoto will be picked up at Demachiyanagi Station.

< Estimate of personal expenses (per person) >
• Taxi: 500–1,000 yen

• Temple admission:
Ginkakuji: 500 yen
Nanzenji: 500 yen
Eikando: 600 yen
Honenin: Free

• Lunch:
Bento (Japanese boxed lunch): 3,240 yen

• Other expenses: Drinks, etc.

Note: The guest pays for the guide interpreter’s personal expenses.

Travel plan example

The travel plan can be customized according to your needs.

  1. 10:00 Ginkakuji

  2. 10:30 Trailhead of Mt. Daimonjiyama

  3. 11:30 Mt. Daimonjiyama viewing spot (at the fire pits)

  4. Lunch (bento) at top of Mt. Daimonjiyama

  5. 12:30 Top of Mt. Daimonjiyama

  6. 14:00 Nanzenji

  7. 14:45 Eikando

  8. 15:30 Tetsugaku no Michi

  9. 15:45 Honenin

  10. 16:15 End of itinerary at Ginkakuji

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Destination Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe (and Hyogo Prefecture) / Nara / Shiga / Wakayama / Tokyo


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Nationality Japan
Destination Osaka / Kyoto / Nara / Shiga


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